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3 reasons why Genesis II can sell better quality for a lower price!
And great questions to ask your clothing sales rep.

highest quality materials

combed cotton fibres

Our combed cotton fibres are long and ring-spun into smoother, stronger thread that is then knit into a soft durable fabric.

cheap thread

Cheaper carded cotton uses shorter fibres which create a coarse, rough, and thick thread. The result is a heavier material with a looser knit that feels rough and shrinks more.

We use only top quality cotton that has fibres at least 11/4 inch long. It is combed to remove shorter fibres and debris, and the fibres are laid into parallel strands. When those cotton fibres are ring-spun they create soft thin yarn that shrinks less, feels like silk, keeps its shape, and will not wrinkle or pill.

ask your clothing rep:

Why do some pre-shrunk cotton shirts still shrink a lot, and others hardly at all?

Answer: it is a result of the fibre length and the density of the weave.

impeccable assembly down to the very last detail

We demand knitting of 36 courses per inch, sewing of 12 stitches per inch, double needle stitched or flat-lock stitched seams, high quality buttons that won't break and shoulder to shoulder taping for enforcement. We even specify the softness of the brand label (to prevent an itchy neck). You'll get a garment that is comfortable and lightweight, yet extremely durable. You can wash them as much as you like and they will always look great.

ask your clothing rep:

How are the seams sewn? How do you know they won't come undone?

Answer: Double needle or flat-lock stitching has at least two rows of stitching to relieve stress on the seam. A single thread pull won't undo our seams!

how we keep our prices down without cutting corners

Many clothes are expensive NOT because of the cost of their materials. In fact, material cost for a high quality t-shirt is only about 22 cents more than for a low quality shirt. The real difference in price is because of markups during distribution. As manufacturers, we cut out the middlemen to give you the best possible price.

In the past 15 years the clothing industry in Canada moved overseas leaving behind a huge capacity of Canadian sewing facilities. We are taking advantage of this overcapacity and while we provide jobs for Canadian workers, we are able to sell domestic products at prices that are very competitive to imports.

ask your clothing rep:

Who manufactures their product and how many people mark it up before their company sells it to you.

Answer: most shirts are not manufactured by the branding company. They contract manufacturing out then add a profit for their name brand. It then goes to a wholesaler, a distributor, and decorator and promo company before reaching the customer - you!

Genesis II manufactures. We control each step and take responsibility for each step, from pattern making to owning our own embroidery equipment. With only one level of mark-up, your savings are guaranteed.

Genesis II - Clothing and Promotions

clothing & promotions

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